Monday, March 17, 2014

Interview #1: Nanny

Nanny has four children and seven grandchildren.  She is a fun-loving grandma and used to teach pre-school, so she has lots of sage wisdom to share.  Here's her best advice:

Always keep the lines of communication open. Always ask questions like, "Is there anything on your mind?"  Tell them, "You can always talk to Mom and Dad. We love you, we want to help you and we will always listen and give you the best advice we can."  At some time your kids will be hurt.  The best thing you can do is be there for them and let them know that.

Always give your kids a ton of attention, love, hugs, kisses and listen to them. Take the time away from the dishes and things that feel like they need to get done, they will still be there.  Sit and talk with your kids, face to face.

Show Restraint
Kids today have a lot. When Nanny was a little girl, all she had was a doll, a tricycle and a pair of roller skates.  She really appreciated each gift and toy.  It's challenging today, but try to limit what the kids get for when they have too much they can take it for granted.

Learn From Your Parents
Nanny's mom was strict and regimented. She didn't want to be exactly like her mom in terms of being overly critical, but still it's important to set limits and guide your children about what is acceptable behavior.  

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